FAQ on Lent, Good Friday and Easter

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1️⃣ What is Lent?

Lent is the six week period leading up to Easter. It’s one of the most important times of year for many Christians around the world, particularly those within the Anglican, Catholic and Orthodox traditions. Lent is more frequently seen as a time of solemn observance and preparation for the celebration of the death and resurrection of Jesus at Easter.

2️⃣ When does Lent start?

Because Lent follows the liturgical calendar, the exact date that Lent falls each year changes. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, which is always held 46 days (40 fasting days and 6 Sundays) before Easter Sunday.

3️⃣ The observance of Lent with fasting and vegetarian diets?

These days, Christians around the world observe Lent in many ways. Many from more orthodox and traditional denominations will still observe the fast strictly, beginning with the wearing of ashes on Ash Wednesday and abstinence of meat, fish, eggs and fats until Easter Sunday.

4️⃣ What is Good Friday?

According to the Bible, the holy book used by Christians, the Friday before Easter is the day that Jesus died by crucifixion, hanging on a wooden cross. Christians remember this solemn day with prayers, fasts (limiting the amount of food eaten), or special processions.

5️⃣ Is Good Friday a happy or sad day?

For many Christians, Good Friday is a day of mourning and reflection on the suffering and sacrifice of Jesus Christ. Church services on this day often focus on the events leading up to the crucifixion, including the betrayal by Judas, the trial before Pontius Pilate, and the harrowing journey to Calvary.

6️⃣ What happens in Easter Day?

Easter Sunday marks Jesus's resurrection. After Jesus was crucified on the Friday his body was taken down from the cross and buried in a cave tomb. The tomb was guarded by Roman soldiers and an enormous to stone was put over the entrance. On Sunday Mary Magdalene and some of Jesus's disciples visited the tomb.

7️⃣ Why Easter is celebrated with eggs?

Eggs represent new life and rebirth, and it's thought that this ancient custom became a part of Easter celebrations. In the medieval period, eating eggs was forbidden during Lent (the 40 days before Easter) so on Easter Sunday, tucking into an egg was a real treat!

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