RU supporting Animal Sacrifice unknowingly?

Be it Muslim or Hindu if they are celebrating any festival by sacrificing any animal, and you are sending them wishes then you are also responsible for it. *Festivals like Bakrid should be banned.* This is not a festival of happiness but of bloodshed. The colour of blood is red whether it is of cow/goat or human, if you will see in the video how much cruelty is there in Bakrid or Bengali/Nepali/Assamese Durgapuja etc. then you will never send them any wishes, but you will bless them for fixing their cruel mentality. 

On this earth, these sacrificing festivals or slaughtering animals makes the negative impacts, linger ‪‎soul speaks to ‪‎dystopian‬ in neighborhood. Raising children with such violent festivals is the reason for large-scale criminalization in human society.

May their souls rest in peace 🐄🐐(who were sacrificed)!

☘️ Vegan Sudesh

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