How important is idol worship?

Idol worship has been prevalent in India since the Vedic period (1500-500 BCE). In today's time, idol worship is considered to be the biggest identity of Hindu culture, which was most expanded during the period of Buddha (483-400 BCE). Other rituals that are a mix of activities along with recitation or singing of Mantras, etc. become associated with idol worship. Many people, due to their ignorance, consider idol worship to be the worship of God, which is not right. We make an idol of our God or Goddess, which is just a way to reach the Supreme God (A creator).

In Hinduism, faith and confession of sins committed knowingly or unknowingly are associated with many other rituals along with idol worship. In which a person makes (or buys) an idol of a god or goddess and also buys decorative items with his hard-earned money as per the timing of the planets given in the Panchang (Hindu Calendar). Then for several days, he worships it in a Sattvik routine to fulfill his wishes and also apologizes to her for his sins. After this, it is immersed in some water bodies like ponds, rivers, or beaches.

Scientifically, when we worship an idol with full devotion and faith, we feel a connection with it and the idol becomes a means to fulfill our wishes.  Desires are also fulfilled with continuous efforts, although this miracle is not due to the idol but due to the concentration of the mind through idol worship.

- Prof. Sudesh Kumar

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